Services for the organisation of conferences and seminars

Организация конференции или семинараA lot of companies face the need to organise events for their business needs. These events can be of a different level: a usual business travel, an educational seminar or a big international conference.

Organisation of conferences and seminars is a package of different services

It is not only necessary to find a suitable place to hold an upcoming event basing on the location and number of participants but also to choose corresponding equipment, organize catering and provide audio and photo report after the event.

For visitors from other cities or from other countries are required to provide accommodation and assistance with visa procedures and acquisition of air and rail / train tickets. Also guests of the city will be interesting to get acquainted with the country and the city, which will require the organization of excursions and transportation services.

All such events require many services such as granting certificate of conference or seminar participation.

Our friendly and experienced staff is engaged in the organization of conferences and seminars and provides a full range of services both in Russia and abroad since 1997.

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COORDINATION AND LOGISTICSThe organization of seminars and conferences requires a detailed study of all phases, identifying areas of responsibility and coordination of the responsible parties. It is quite time-consuming and complicated task which our team of experts offers to take over. We agree with you the event plan, the scope and quality of services and help you not to lose an important focus area of responsibility, as well as draw up a detailed cost estimate for all services. Our manager will attend the conference and coordinate all areas: transfer, catering, technical staff, performers and other personnel and services.


Organization of conferences and seminars involves a large number of personnel that performs various purposes. This and administrative staff at the front desk, and the guards, controlling not just about compliance, but also to control access to a particular zone. This and the waiters, and the promoters and presenters, musicians, singers and dancers and technical staff. We can help you to find a team of specialists who will work smoothly and clearly perform all the tasks under the guidance of our coordinator.


RENT OF HALLS AND ROOMSSelection of halls and rooms for an event is an important part as from their location and equipment depends the success of the whole event. For a conference or seminar can be considered a conference room, meeting room, room in an exhibition center or institute premises, a palace, a restaurant or even an entertainment facility and so on. Depending on the choice of rooms sometimes a minimum required set of equipment is already included in the rental price. In case if equipment is not provided and included in the hall rent then we can provide equipment rent service from corresponding organization. Our specialists will find you the appropriate hall or room to meet necessary technical and other requirements out of thousands of options.


EQUIPMENT RENTAL FOR CONFERENCES AND SEMINARSThe success of an event depends largely on the choice of a particular equipment as poor quality and especially lack of the required equipment can cause an incorrect or incomplete perception of the information provided. For the sound equipment commonly required equipment is speakers that provide high-quality sound, with speakers, mixer, fixed or radio microphones for presidium, speaker, and one or more microphones for the participants. From video equipment most in demand with projectors and laptops screens. Our experts will offer rental equipment for the conference as audio and video equipment, taking into account the size of the hall and the acoustics and lighting features.


Organisation of a conferences, a congress as well as usual business trip which involves foreign participants requires interpreters for oral consecutive or simultaneous interpretation and for translation of materials, abstracts, programs, and so on. Our company organises translation and interpretation of any level of complexity for international events. We provide you experts both for sequential and simultaneous interpretation in any language in accordance with the theme of the event. Also we offer services of translation and tour guides in different languages for excursions after the event.


CATERINGDuring such events it is often required to organize a coffee break, a lunch or even a gala dinner for participants and guests of honour. Catering is usually required in the place of event or not far from the venue. Let our specialists to take care of catering and free yourself from unnecessary worries. Обычно питание требуется в непосредственной близости или же в самом месте проведения конференции и довольно часто требует кейтеринговых услуг. Возложите заботу об организации питания на наших специалистов – освободите себя от ненужных забот.


Development of design implies a development of the entire range of printed products as well as design of the whole event. This service may include: logo and colour design, layout design of badges, giveaways design (notebooks, pens, etc.), venue decoration, creation of a temporary or permanent web site and other services.


MASS MEDIA, ADVERTISING, MARKETINGGood organization of a conference or a seminar media coverage is an important component of success. To attract the attention of potential participants and to promote a brand it is necessary to inform about an event through newsletters, telemarketing, online and print as well as provide outdoor and transport advertising. Exhibitions and post event sessions are organized as part of a conference in order to promote goods and services. These tasks require time, negotiations and coordination which can arrange our specialists. We will post information about the event, develop and create design layouts and advertising materials as well as create, if necessary, Internet site for your event.


Promotional materials are needed before and after the event. To inform about an event we can paste up posters, distribute leaflets, place banners in the outdoor advertising and within the business and exhibition centers. Our designer will make design models of all promotional products.


PREPARATIN OF MATERIALS AND PARTICIPANT PACKAGEParticipant package is a bag or file with all items necessary for work. Standard set includes a pen, a note pad, a badge, information materials for the event, such as a program, brochures, catalogs and souvenirs. It is possible to draw a logo and conference information such as name, date and place on the folder, bag, package, notepad or a pen.


CERTIFICATES, DIPLOMAS AND OTHER AWARDSIn the end of a conference or a seminar it is required to give a certificate of participation, a diploma verifying participation or new qualification. Certificate award criteria are usually determined before an event when designer makes a design layout and after approval it is printed. It is only necessary to enter participants names' in prepared in advance diploma or certificate however this can be also done in advance. We also offer selection and production of souvenirs and gifts for the guests of honor and participants. It is possible to purchase inexpensive souvenirs with the logo of the conference as well as exclusive luxury gifts for VIP guests on request.


PHOTO, AUDIO, VIDEO SERVICESWhen photo, audio and video are required for a report or an event results analysis of a seminar or conference we can organise photo and video shoot as well as audio recording.